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The plan for this blog (Agenda)

I have structured this series of posts in 5 parts: WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE and KPI’s

We will start from the WHY: we talk OBJECTIVES here. Why are we doing a digital marketing campaign in the first place, what are we trying to achieve

We will then move into the WHO: this is about TARGET – or digital persona and the digital journey. This work will be the basis to plan for content and touch-points in the next stages

Once we have clear ideas about core target, we will move into the WHAT meaning the message or the content of our communication campaign. Here we will go through different examples of digital ads and executions

The WHAT leads to talk about the WHERE meaning the digital touch-points we choose to communicate with our targets. In specific we will see why and how we will chose one platform over the other

Lastly we will discuss core KPI’s for our campaigns, what to look at and why.

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