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Google ads setting objectives | Digital Marketing for Digital Dinosaurs.

Having looked at FB, let’s look at the other big giant for our advertising, Google (including Youtube obviously)

Here we want to access to Google Ads account.

When we do this and we create a new ad, we are confronted with the same question we saw on FB.

What is the purpose of this new campaign?

What is the objective? What are we trying to do?

Following exactly the same logic, setting a specific objective on Google will lead the system to suggest specific type of ads as well as optimise the system to help us meeting our objectives.

Let’s briefly look at them one by one.

Sales: we want to drive sales online, in app, or from the store.

Here we can use a wide variety of ads, from search to to display to Youtube Videos

Lead generation: we want to get consumers leads again through a wide variety of type of ads in both the google network and youtube

Website traffic: we want to drive traffic to our website

Product consideration: we want to encourage people to discover our products or services. Here we can only use video format both on yT or across the google network

Brand awareness and reach: here we want to reach many people to build awareness. We can use display ads across the web and videos

App promotion: this is when we want to promote our apps. Of course it depends whether we want people to install, engage or pre-register

Mostlty on GDN

Local visit and promotion: here we want to drive traffic to a physical store

Here is a very interesting type of ad where google is linking the activity to Google maps and Google my business for a good variety of type of ads both on the network as well as on the map

Before concluding this overview, it is important to mention YouTube ads in more details as they represent big chunk of digital communication investments.

YT is clearly the place where to advertise when it comes to video ads and video content. We will see why we will want to select this platform when we will talk about touch-points (where – remember?) However, for now, let’s look at what we can do through YT ads.

As seen before, YT follows the same logic of the consumer journey: we can create awareness, drive consideration or try to stimulate actions i.e. sales

According to the objective we set for our campaign we will be able to use one of those formats:

- Skippable video ads, those ads normally placed at the beginning of a video that you can skip after 5 seconds

- Non skippable ads, again usually at the beginning of a vide, ads you can’t skip if you want too watch the video you selected. They can be different formats but no more than 15 – 20 seconds according to different regions

- Bumper ads: those are short formats, 6” usually coming as an interruption during the video you’re watching on YT. They’re unskippable

Lastly overlay ads, a static image that appears on the bottom of the video screen only available on desktop. More on different formats later in the book.

To conclude this conversation about objectives you can see how other important platforms, like Twitter or TikTok, use the same consumer journey approach to planning for objectives.

Key take out

What did we learn from this session on objectives?

Understanding why we are planning for advertising is the first starting point to develop communication strategies

We introduced the concept of Brand Taks: get who to do what by (using communication)…. And we explained that this contains the idea of marketing and communication objectives.

We analysed the top online platforms and the way they ask us to set objectives. We realised they follow the approach of the consumer journey. Moreover we realised that, again, setting clear objectives for our campaigns has a crucial impact on the type of ads we can create and the way the algorithm of those platforms will work to help us achieving the objectives.

Sources: above material is mainly taken from Google, I will post a series of links to useful sources towards the end of the series of those blog posts.

For now if you want to learn more about Facebook ads I suggest you to study here

Please stay in touch!


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