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Digital Communication for digital dinosaurs

Today we start a series of weekly uploads on the subject of digital communication for traditional marketers, especially those working in FMCG categories.

Hi everyone, if you’re a marketing dinosaur like me and you want to explore the fascinating world of digital marketing, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to “marketing in a digital world, a crash course for digital marketing dinosaurs.

The objective of this course is to equip dinosaurs marketers, especially FMCG, with the right tools to create their own digital communication campaigns.

Our life has gone through a massive revolution over the past fifteen years almost without we realising it. Not to mention the last two with the whole COVID 19 experience…

Today our entire life passes through the screen of our mobile phones. Each moment is recorded.

We live online, laugh online, love online.

As Marketers, we have tried to follow the steps of this evolving society, trying to adapt to this new way of life.

I come from old school marketing, branding in FMCG (fast moving consumers goods) where things tend to move a little slower and quite successfully adapted to a new more digital centred landscape

Recently , i have noticed that there seems to be a big gap between old school and new school marketers that leads to some inefficiencies as well as some sort of cultural conflict

Old school marketers seem to be frightened by digital. This is not the world they know, it is full of jargons and specialisation. They keep pointing at the fact that digital is just one channel that is not necessarily relevant for every category of product.

New marketers look at them as dinosaurs who can’t adapt to the new world.

I believe that there’s a mid way in this debate. On one side, digital is a key channel to reach millions of people regardless the product category. As someone else more famous said before, it is not about digital marketing but marketing in a digital world.

The world’s gone full digital so we need to make sure we know what we can do with it, why we are using it and how. We must think about digital journeys and become familiar with measuring KPI’s. And also, perhaps the most frightening thing, we need to come to terms with the fact that marketing automation will make some people redundant. Not nice but reality.

On the other side we can’t neglect the importance of looking at the whole picture; the simple fact you are familiar to TikTok as a platform and you learned the technicalities of purchasing advertising on the platform, doesn’t mean that this substitutes a through strategic analysis of why you should purchase that ad in the first place. Nor a through analysis of what the crucial issues and opportunities are for example by looking at other leverages of the marketing mix.

So here is the good news for old school dinosaurs like me, you’re not dinosaurs at all. Years of looking at price and distribution as well as brand health checks and focus groups are not a thing of the past. But yes, we need to learn how and where to apply this knowledge.

Not dinosaurs but digital dinosaurs of the new millennium

This class is dedicated to the digital dinosaurs of the new millennium who want to have the overall view and see how we can use our timeless marketing concepts in this digital world

In fact as much as we might be frightened by the sheer amount of digital trends, jargons or tools that come out on a daily basis, I do believe that all the basic principles of marketing still apply here.

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