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Why do people use different digital platforms? 2. Google | Digital marketing for Digital dinosaurs


When we want to plan for digital media and strategise our approach, the first step is to have a basic understanding of what drives the usage of certain types of platforms in the first place. Why are people there? What do they do there? What type of mission are they there to accomplish?

Once we have a clear idea, we want to select the ones that are useful for us. In other words, we want to marry the communication objectives with the need that is behind the consumption of a certain medium.

In the next few posts, we look at social media platforms, how they are used, and what problems they solve. For the purpose of this manual, I will structure the analysis as follows:

  • A description of the platform

  • What do people do there?

  • What problems do they want to solve?

  • How?

  • How is this relevant to us as advertisers?


An intelligent search engine that tries to figure out what you want to do and provides the most relevant information for you to do it.

Search by keyword is the entry point of most online journeys; based on the nature of the keyword, Google tries to interpret people’s intents and needs and direct them to the best possible source For example, if you search for pizza from a mobile phone, it will probably direct you to a link to a restaurant in Google maps. If you search for the best headphones for jazz music, it will probably direct you to a link to reviews and so on.

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