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Strategic Planning

Hi everyone,

we are living a special period with this Coronavirus.

Next classes will be online.

As per email from the office:

1. The last day of teaching for all courses this semester, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, is Friday, April 10, 2020.

2. Instructors must modify their classes to online teaching and learning, for example via Zoom, Google Hangout or Skype or other channels. No offline classes will take place anymore for this semester. Nevertheless, they have to be certain that all expected learning outcomes are achieved.

3. If there is examination or other types of evaluation, it must be done between Monday, April 20 and Friday, April 24, 2020. Instructors are allowed to change their evaluation methods to take-home examination, assignments, reports, or any other format.

This leaves us with 4 sessions in total.

Given the situation this is how I want to work:

1) we will have class online. I will experiment LINE first and if it doesn't work we can use Zoom. This means you can comfortably sleep or do other stuff while I work :-)

2) As class will be too long 9-12 from LINE and also less interactive. I will structure it differently, let's have slots of 40 mins with 20 min break

3) I will assign you with some stuff to do during those slots and will ask you to participate. Please when you don't talk, keep the mic on mute. When you want to say something or ask questions you unmute.

4) Final exam will done at home and sent by email. You will have opportunities to cheat and I will let you consult my materials, just try to use your brain.

5) I will upload all materials here in the next couple of days

6) Last but not least, we will have to rush a bit. Maybe someone is interested in this topic and wants to learn more or talk about specific topics. I am happy to organise extra class if you're interested. This will NOT give you more points (if you think that flattering me will bring benefits :-)) but will be free training, and those days it is not a bad thing.

7) Those who are working on the case study will carry until the end of the project with me and K Punnamas; presentations will be online as well

Let's talk Wednesday for more details

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