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Hi everyone,

I'm writing this post in order to recap what we have done so far and post the slides I have commented over the past few weeks, before the mid term exam.

So, where are we?

We started talking about the big picture and framing the role of communication within it.

We discussed about the role of communication in influencing behaviours. But in order to be effective at it, communication must start from the understanding of the behaviours.

For this purpose we studied about the Path to Purchase; we wanted to learn what is the decision process from the moment we realise we want/need something (a product, a service), to the moment we actually purchase and use it.

This allowed us to understand what phases are the most important, who are the influencers at each step of the process, and what are the crucial issues in the most important phases.

Defined the decision process, we asked ourselves, how can we actually use communication to convince people. How does it work?

So we looked at the communication process and we tried to understand better how communication produces effects and how we can categorise them. We analysed the Hierarchy of effects; this helped assigning a role to communication.

Non only, we also learned how to plan for responses, and why should we do this.

We therefore started setting the basics to define what are our marketing objectives and what are our communication objectives.

Next Monday we will have a brief Mid Term exam, so we can evaluate how are we doing.

Slides used so far in the attachments below.

Good luck!


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

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Lesson 6

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