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Chula lesson 5 - planning for response

Click here to download lesson 5 slides

This week we worked on planning responses to communication.

Following our discussions on the hierarchy of effects, we have assigned a role to communication and discussed how to plan for response.

The process we followed, allowed us to:

a. understand where is the crucial problem and what stage that they want to influence with their activities (role of the communication)

Example: is there a problem with this new product because people don’t understand how it works (knowledge) or because they don’t know that the product exist (awareness). Implication: two different message/activities to solve the two above problems.


b. to think ahead what response they want from their activities. This clarifies the brief for agencies and everyone involved in the communication development.

And we worked on many examples, remember...what's the role of communication and what is the expected response of below ad?

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