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Strategic Planning Lesson 3


This session we discussed about decision making process aka "path to purchase".

We analysed the different phases that make the path to purchase from the moment people realise they need / want a product or service up to the moment they actually buy it, use it and form an opinion about their experience.

Few take out points:

- Decision making process – path to purchase: it is fundamental to understand how people take decision in order to develop the best IMC plan to influence them

- 5 main stages; in each phase consumers are influenced by many factors as their beliefs, friends, opinion leaders, media…in different ways

- At each stage there are situations/influencers that bring consumers close to the brand or out; the tool helps understand those situations so we can use them accordingly

- This tool can be applied to any decision making.

DISCLAIMER: this tool is a it is a simplification of reality to help developing strategies, not reality itself!

Oh, and what stage of path to purchase is Icelandair trying to influence with this activity?

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