Strategic Planning lesson 3 and 4

Last session we talked and experimented the process of segmentation: the act of dividing markets in segments with similar characteristics. Usually similar needs and similar reactions to marketing activities. During the afternoon we discussed about Decision process or Path to Purchase: what happens between the moment we realise we need or want to buy something and the moment we actually do it? A series of steps that can help us learning about the category we are working on and the type of influencers / media touchpoints we should consider. Download class slides here

Strategic Planning lesson 2 - Sept 2017

Hi everyone, last session we discussed about marketing process, positioning and segmentation. You can download slides here Most importantly we had a full brief on Magnum from K Ing. I will share his slides as soon as he finishes cutting out the content that is confidential. Just a reminder, Magnum will be the case study we will work on until the final exam. Last, for those who asked I have added here the course outline. Have fun Max

Hello everyone, start again!

Hi everyone, welcome to our class blog. I will use this space to upload decks and any document or link I think it might be useful for our class. Now, just as a reminder, last time we played with introductions to demonstrate couple of crucial point when it comes to strategic you craft one single message that will be remembered by a big audience. If you think about it, not too far from what we'll be talking about over the next few weeks. The deck with the rules of the game and the first thoughts on the big picture can be downloaded here. See you Monday

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