Strategic Planning lesson 15

This session we learned how to judge communication and we discussed about a simple framework to help us becoming as much objective as we could. First things first, we must understand what's the idea and always keep judging the idea before the executions. Once understood the idea we want to formulate our feedback based on a simple framework: A, B, C. A = attention. Does the ad grab attention? Does it for the right reasons? B = branding. Is the brand at the core of the ad? Beyond the pure logo? C = communication. Does the ad communicate the main point? Is it clear, relevant? Please remember, none is interested whether you "like" the ad. Everyone is interested in knowing whether the ad work or

Strategic Planning lesson 14

During this session we discussed the key principles of developing and distributing digital video advertising. Video advertising on digital must be developed keeping in mind the usage we make of the platform; what works in traditional TV doesn't necessarily work on digital. Moreover we debunked the myth of "viral" videos and we learnt how behind each successful video on digital there is in fact a precise distribution strategy. Enjoy the examples and pls download slides here

Strategic Planning lesson 13

This session we discussed about marketing in digital opposite of digital marketing. We followed the airbnb case study Please download lessons here

Strategic Planning lesson 12

This session we extensively discussed about channels and media planning strategies What are pros and cons of different media channels? What are basic principles when talking about media channels? Please download slides here

Strategic Planning lesson 11

In this session we discussed how to write an advertising idea. What does it make an idea? How do we write one? What's the Kung Fu panda idea? We also tested the thinking framework on a series of examples. Enjoy! Class slides here

Strategic Planning lesson n. 10

Hi everyone, this session we discussed about key point as most important thing to say. This message should be crafted in a way that will influence consumers’ behaviour and achieve the objectives we set for the communication campaign. We discussed a series of different types of messages and techniques in adevertising. Please download the lessons here

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