From advertising to content producers

We interviewed more than 7000 LINE users about what motivates them to watch onli digital advertising. Unsurprisingly they told us that content is King. Although skip rate is quite high (70% skip ad at least always and sometimes), there’s still a high number of people who want to watch YT ads. Content is what makes people want to complete the video. Both brands and presenters play a critical role. And when they skip ads is because content is not interesting, again. Although most respondents mention duration as the main reason for skipping ads, content plays a critical role. Ad not relevant, content not interesting or annoyed are critical issues. Respondents would be willing to complete the ad

The rising of digital ads

YouTube Watch Time has increased by 60% year-on-year The average YouTube session on mobile is now 40 minutes Fastest growth rate in viewing time in 2 years YouTube's top advertising partners increased their ad spend by 60%

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