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Are you a FMCG marketing manager and sometime feel like a digital dinosaur when it comes to marketing? 
Do you feel overwhelmed by technology and jargons everyone else seems to talk about? 
Or maybe you want to understand the strategy behind things and in other courses you tried you only learned how to open a page on Facebook or click buttons on a social media platform?

If answer is yes, you are in the right place. 

A complete series of marketing classes dedicated to those who want to work as brand managers in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) or planners in advertising agencies. 
Learn about classic Marketing Tools and Digital Marketing with a special focus on FMCG.

Workshops, one-to-one classes or online sessions available on Udemy

See an example of online class below, and don't forget to leave your email and get access to special content in the download section.


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Bangkok based consulting company specialised in training,  strategies and marketing workshops. 

It has been created through more than twenty years of work experience in marketing and advertising.

We are a small agency providing quality services tested on years of successful projects around the world. 


We leverage the diverse expertise of our partners, from technology to marketing and communication. Our structure is nimbler, faster and more price-competitive than the big networks.  

We believe in Creative Technology and Creative Learning. Creativity without technology is a thing of the past. Technology without creativity is cold. Learning without creativity and technology is plain impossible.

At Yawp we want to bridge the gaps and provide our clients the most actionable and practical consultancy, whether in training marketing teams or developing a digital strategy.


Some of our services in the documents below.




We help setting the foundations of your marketing activities through a series of tools that help define your positioning, especially online. This results in best in class digital communication activities.



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Olivier La Rocca




I've worked with Max on "Tenderblade" project. Max contributed with the brief the creation of the naming and the presentation.I recommend working with Max because he is very professional, always on time and with one brief he understands the project and define the plot.

Chaninthon Larpchavisit

Head of channel marketing - Modern trade & Omni

Unilever Thailand 


Max is very helpful and experienced. Max has started to understand what we really want and what our problem is. Then try to propose for creative solutions. I have worked with him on how to train and inspire my team on how to think and develop creative marketing campaign with handful framework that lead them to think out of the box. My team was so inspired. They are impressed with his sharing, examples that could leverage on further, or even his guide. Their thinking and proposal has been improved the next day. We are sure to ask him to refresh the lesson again. Max is very flexible and keen on this area. I would recommend Max to everyone who need help like me!

Jeerarat Yenbumrung

Head of Consumer & Shopper Insight Osotspa Thailand


I have worked with Max in my position as Head of Consumer & Shopper Insight at Osotspa on many strategic projects for crafting winning brand portfolio across various categories; Beverage, Confectionery & Health Care.

Max is an exceptional consultant. He is able to understand client's needs and ensure they are met with precision and speed. He is very passionate about his role and works with client centric mindset. 

Max is also the best person to work around; cheers up everyone and always shows an emotional commitment to your business. My real pleasure to work with him.

Dirk Jan Arts

Managing Director

OMG Thailand


I've worked with Max on a number projects and consulted him on multiple occasions. I highly rate his unconventional approach, his sharp focus and unwillingness to compromise on quality. Max has made a major contribution to shaping our strategic direction and aligning our objectives

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